Arab countries choose Iraqi Huda Bank as the best bank in Iraq

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad
announced Iraqi Huda Bank administration, on Friday, that the Arab countries the bank has chosen as the best one banks in Iraq, indicating that it came after the completion of nine courses with great success, as it called to participate in the grand coronation ceremony which will be held in the (Greater ship lounge Aljmirabah Hotel Dubai) which falls on Sunday evening October 4, 2015 at 7:30 pm. The management of the bank in an official statement received by "tomorrow Press", "after the completion of nine courses with great success since been handed the mantle red-purple decorated with the gold medal of the leading figures and military official to government institutions and Ministries of bodies and banks and institutions of tourism, as well as a leader in the Arab world and educational sectors."

She added that "Based on the nominations and selection of medals Council under the chairmanship of Ambassador of Arab cooperation to work on building a culture of excellence, credibility and efficiency, culminating in the coronation of many of the leaders and institutions of the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia Academy, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Oman and Libya, as well as other countries." She administration in its statement, that "So was selected Huda Bank as one of the best leading banks at the level of the Republic of Iraq, and therefore we invite you personally or designee you to participate in the coronation ceremony, which will be held in (lounge major ship Aljmirabah Hotel Dubai) on Sunday evening day on October 4 2015 at 7:30 pm. "