The central bank regulates the live auction for the sale of remittances 200 billion dinars

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: An informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, Saturday, that the bank will be organized in half this month, a live auction for the sale of Hawwalath credit 91 days at $ 200 billion dinars. The source, who preferred not to be identified for "tomorrow Press," that " the auction will carry a number c 145, a nineteenth of its kind within the central plan for the issuance of Hawwalath for the current year and of the 26 auction. " He added that "it is supposed to be selling the full amount of Asdarih amounting to 200 billion dinars to those who will participate in it," he expected to "be auction in half of the month in September current. "The Central Bank of Iraq was organized in the first of this month, the auction of a Hawwalath to order and Asdarih themselves any 200 billion dinars, were sold full Asdarih to five beneficiaries participated in the auction after winning the amounts provided by the price of multi-utility and the highest discount rate stood at 4.50 percent.