Minister of Planning: demonstrations and popular support reference helped the government to grab a lot of powers that help them to continue reform

Minister of Planning: demonstrations and popular support reference helped the government to grab a lot of powers that help them to continue reform

Websites 06 September, 2015
Mr. Minister of Planning Dr. Salman al-Jumaili stressed that the current government inherited a heavy legacy in particular with regard to the situation and the economic and low oil prices and directing a lot of resources to sustain the battle momentum against Daash There were a lot of meetings and seminars held with specialists both in the Ministry of Planning or intellectual centers or in the body advisers out economic vision and meet the challenges .. stressing that the demonstrations government granted very considerable momentum to start the wheel of reform and gave us the audacity to Nntzaa a lot of powers that were restrict the work of the government and be the prime minister sufficient flexibility to make decisions, especially as he regales the support of my people mobilize large from which he can Stepping to the right steps.

The Minister said in an interview while attending the extended seminar held by the progress of policy development institute dedicated to the discussion of government reforms package in the presence of Director of the Office of the Prime Minister Dr. Mahdi Keywords and elite of politics, economics, management, law, banking and media experts .. The number of investment projects that were included with the Ministry of Planning Within the investment plan before we receive the responsibility of more than 9000 project being implemented by ministries and provinces have these projects arranged a lot of financial obligations to the state of more than 259 trillion dinars at a time when the government is seeking to borrow two billion here and there to perform the obligations at a time when we are weighed down by obligations huge financial .. pointing out that the project included the process of such a large quantity was not the product of vision planning purely but political effects were provincial or ministerial include projects at a time when abundance was the financial and thus Kplna budget significant financial commitments and now there due and payable benefits for companies and contractors to meet their implementation of these projects.

The Minister stressed that his ministry and in order to address such a wide array of projects it has developed a plan to the feminine and reduce the projects, especially assignee or Almtlko them so we were able to reduce the number of projects to about 6000 project and a reduction mandated to about 150 trillion dinars .. afterthought: even this amount is a very large sum in light of the economic crisis .. He pointed out that this is one of the previous accumulations which we put ourselves in front of obligations without an account to calculate the probability of lower oil prices at any moment.

He revealed the Minister of Planning to take a range of measures that fit with the reforms package so that we can provide part of the funds and address the financial problem .. He stressed that the large government reforms package will not succeed unless it enjoys public support and broad .. Act tariff passed by the House of Representatives We found it difficult to implement because of a discrepancy in the implementation and objections from several parties on the application in the ports without the other and this is linked to the political situation, but the government needs to impose its authority on all ports and there is also the question levying wages water and electricity For even though all blocs voted on this But when the issue of implementation and we faced great challenges and objections This means that the support is not available from the community and its institutions the government alone is capable of achieving the desired reform.

The Minister concluded by saying: that the reforms required under the circumstances and the situation faced by the country raised soon will not appear they are very big issue can not touch their results within weeks .. He explained that the task of government is the actions, not the curriculum The curriculum everyone involved in it, whether Parliament or blocs political or civil society organizations, which is the reality of government can not be changed unless the coup ..

The Minister stressed the need to address the addresses large files, including file corruption so was formed the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption, led by the Prime Minister, will this Council to open all files of corruption related to the central bank or the acquisition of real estate State by political parties and forces and all other sectors also .. either in the field of administrative reform was between Mr. Minister that its effect may seem a bit and this is also linked to the reality, there are more than three million employees, as well as dependence on oil can accommodate more than economic growth can not lay off staff or reduce their salaries .. He explained that the government put their feet on the right path but they remain able to carry out reform unless it has the support of popular support that is available now firmly and religious authority, and this is also available, as well as providing political support and here the problem Some political blocs does not want to give up the privileges and the proof of what happened from the kidnapping of workers of Turkish what sends a negative message to Hmaalammer requires investors and strengthen the authority of the state and therefore .. Reform integrated rings complement each other and that the curriculum reform in Iraq is the right and not the revolutionary and reformist this approach can be achieved through access to free and fair elections and the government is working to achieve this. 8%26d%3D6