PUK: No agreement so far on the Kurdistan presidency’s crisis
Sunday, 06 September 2015 14:41

Shafaq News / The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan bloc (PUK) said on Sunday, that the meetings held over the last five weeks by the main parties in Kurdistan Region failed

to reach any solutions, noting that the fundamental differences still exist.

Fuad Hussein, President of Kurdistan Region’s office announced on Saturday the postponement of the meeting of Kurdish parties, which was scheduled for next Sunday at the request of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan.

The member of the bloc, Abdul Bari Zebari told Shafaq News, that "all meetings held among the Kurdish parties in Kurdistan did not come out with any agreement on the main points of contention about the presidency of Kurdistan.

Zebari said that "the previous meetings focused on the pivotal points but not essential , while didn’t talk about the main points of contention about the Presidency of Kurdistan and how to elect the president, which are still unsolved."

Zebari predicted that "the results of negotiations are formal more than realistic."

The constitutional period specified for Massoud Barzani to take over the presidency of Kurdistan region ended last month in light of the big differences among the five main parties on the renewal of Barzani’s mandate or not.