Keywords: demonstrations accelerated economic reform 9/6
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    Keywords: demonstrations accelerated economic reform 9/6

    Keywords: demonstrations accelerated economic reform

    6/9/2015 0:00

    BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb - Shokran Fatlawi

    Examine the progress of the development policies of the Institute of the reality of the reforms recently adopted by the government and ways to achieve on the ground, as he asked the audience of specialists for the time periods that can be touched off the Iraqi street. President of the institute d. Mehdi al-Hafez granting freedom lecturers put what they have in reforms would provide a real picture of what it was reached during the last period. Then authorized d. Mahdi Keywords director of the Office of the Prime Minister to speak on this subject. Keywords disclosed administrative reforms approved by the Council of Ministers, which included a reduction comprehensive preparation protections and working to employ the surplus to serve the country, and continue to define privileges for officials package, as well as the subject of lease of state property to non-affiliates, as well as identifying the huge number of means of transport for the state officials, which allowed bought When abundance Malah.ama occurrence of the other side of the reform package represents the cancellation of positions of key deputy ministers Republic and the dimensions of the upper bodies for political quota system it was formed specialized committees that began its work, and he stopped on the issue of merging some ministries will report in the coming days to the prime minister so where was reduced positions 8 Agents of the Ministry and 20 as general manager as well as the cancellation of positions advisers after noticing the abundance in their numbers, and the package includes an assessment of the performance of ministers and to provide continuous reports this Ahan.ama on financial reform, he noted Keywords that he focused on the reality of government revenues and expenditures, pointing out that the meetings of the ongoing committees and will come out According to the application of the resolutions of a new customs tariff evasion Aldharaba.ofatt own reforms to the axis of the revitalization of the private sector, which is found in reforms packs a real catalyst for his role in the Iraqi economy.

    He stressed that the Iraqi Central Bank showed flexibility in supporting the private sector and it seemed to provide allocations to loans offered to him through banks and issued instructions to this effect, pointing out that the numbers are not large but are considered good in the conditions of austerity experienced by Iraq, indicating that the cell crisis, approved the payment of private sector receivables were The first payment of the meal. He noted interest program payment on credit, which passed some time ago, where is the ministries of finance and planning a report that will be presented to a cell crisis, as was canceled exceptional decisions in the implementation of government contracts, urging to activate the community control proposal where there is a weakness in the collection of wage electricity, referring to the commitment rate where pay does not exceed 20 percent, revealed the existence of a trend to refer this matter to private sector companies. Keywords pointed to past and current open the files of corruption and inviting fair-minded judges to open its files.

    But Salman Jumaili, Minister of Planning and Development Cooperation, pointed out that the current government inherited a heavy legacy and great challenges, particularly the decline in crude oil prices in world markets and the war on Daash and requirements, pointing out that the demonstrations gave greater impetus to the wheel of economic reform and made ​​it extracted reform measures, stressing that it (reforms ) need to rally support, noting that the results of reform needs time and can not be discerned within weeks. Jumaili and returned to show that he found when he took the ministry's 9000 project included financial commitment to the state is estimated at 259 trillion dinars, adding that some of the projects were included political interests and work to reduce them for the 6000 project.

    Deputy Economic Prime Baghdad forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine said the government stationed in discreet location, especially after supporting by reference decisions, and that the reforms are considered in response to the corruption, pointing out that the private sector can not be working in the presence of corruption and corrupt, warning circumvent the bank's loans Iraqi Central. The economic expert Abbas Shamara has pointed to the need for the reform package focused on tackling corruption through real action, suggesting the need for the reforms to go two-fold first is internal reform of the national economy and other repair Iraqi economic relations with the countries of the world.

    Member Baghdad Economic Forum d. Akram Abdel Aziz said that the masses want Btelmus results reformist government, pointing out that they are promising package serve the Iraqi economy, saying the actual need to diversify the economy and this needs to be concrete steps in light of the deficit suffered by the general budget. .
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