Interior Minister: delay reforms betray and initiated the corruption capital hit

Alsumaria news Baghdad Interior Minister Mohammed Al-ghabban, Sunday, late of security sector reforms "betrayal" of the people, said he initiated the hit "headers of corruption" in the Ministry, pointed out that the recent "away from professionalism" during the past period.

Yu said in an interview with a number of media including Sumerian news, that "the delay of reforms betray the national commitment to the people", noting "we initiated reforms since we receive tasks on changes and job rotation and knock heads with corruption".

Yu said, "the Ministry suffered for decades from a fundamental flaw in the performance of her tasks and duties and depart for professionalism", noting that "from needles to the challenges faced by the Ministry are political and political interventions".

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, confirmed (25 August 2015), the continuation of reforms and not undone, with some reforms touched "corrupt owners organized crimes", showed his determination not to allow them to block the reform measures.