Distribution of relief and financial assistance to displaced people in Dohuk, Maysan

Twilight News / distributed the Ministry of Displacement and Migration and the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering the displaced and the Human Rights Council in the province of Maysan relief and financial assistance to displaced people in Dohuk and Maysan.

The head of the financial grants committee Khalid Abdul Karim in a statement responded to Twilight News that "of the Office of Dohuk operations Relief and shelter displaced relief team distributed (5345) share of the relief-kind materials, including Air Coolers, food baskets and preservatives drinking water."

And that was "was distributed (4028) A refrigerated air, and (1117) A food basket as well as distribution (200) portfolio of drinking water in the province of Dohuk."

Karim added that "the relief team distributed air coolers in Kberto camp 1 and 2 (2859) and chilled (1002) food basket and (200) drinking water portfolio."

In turn, said Chairman of the Human Rights Council in Maysan paper Rahim Nouri Twilight News he was financial assistance for the displaced arrivals to the distribution of Maysan in the second refugee camp known as "the eyes of Maysan."

Nouri added that the grant provided by the Provincial Council for the displaced families to relieve them even a fraction, indicating that the number of beneficiaries of this aid is 40 families amounting to 100 000 dinars per family.