Parliament suspended allocations protections of Representatives .. provides seven billion dinars per month

Brother - Baghdad - Stopped the presidency of the parliament, Sunday, protections for the Speaker of Parliament and the House of Representatives allocations in full, and the replacement of protections Bmentspin from the Interior Ministry.

A source in the Department of Finance House of Representatives that "the presidency of the parliament suspended the protections of Representatives allocations amounting to about 1.3 million dinars per person per month, and re-index them to their original constituency", adding that "the decision was based on the paper's parliamentary reforms passed by the House of Representatives last month."

"The resolution also includes the President of the Council Saleem al-Jubouri and his two deputies, advisers and Inspector General, and all general managers in the Council," explaining that "formats were held between the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the Interior Ministry to implement this thing, starting this month."

He pointed out that "the mechanism used to exchange allocations protections were made ​​by delivery MP allocations Hamayate hand, and up some allocations to 35 million dinars per month," stressing that "the House of Representatives is not held accountable for the House of Representatives who provide gripping Hamayatem without extradited allocated to them amounts of money."

The source continued that "This measure will save the state about seven billion dinars per month, in addition to ending the Interior Ministry's commitment to provide protections weapons and gear."