BGG: Welcome to for News Time...

BGG: rumors of Abadi hinting at some form of "marital law" if reforms don't work... is very curious.
BGG: I don't see it as all bad (for sure) - especially with the corruption in Iraq being sooooooo entrenched.
BGG: however, who knows??

jtank: so much for demonstrations

rcookie: But both ways to accomplish require Masoud to be on board and he has stated he is not

BGG says to rcookie: good point - I'm curious how much of an "Iran alliance" he has...BGG says to rcookie: keep in mind Talabani had Maliki on the ropes and pulled back at the last second.

Rcookie: and will require 60 days ....You're right BGG!

BGG says to rcookie: a HUGE missed opportunity... in retrospect, probably at some urging from Iran.
BGG says to rcookie: they offered some "behind the scenes hinkiness"

Rcookie: I think they have come too far to reset to that degree

BGG says to jtank: Good point too - however, keep in mind - "boots on the ground" are telling us demonstrations are FAR MORE widespread than is being reported.

BGG says to jtank: big time demonstrations in Baghdad. Which may well be the catalyst and pressure for real reforms to actually happen.

rcookie: And the WB deadlines clock still ticking!

BGG says to rcookie: still ticking... OCT 1st - right??

rcookie: yes sir!

BGG says to rcookie: do you have that Sadr article urging more protests??

rcookie : one sec

BGG says to rcookie: with calling Abadi's reforms "empty" (or something along those lines)??

rcookie : Muqtada al-Sadr. Describes the fixes Abadi "phantom"! Date: Saturday, 05-09-15 11:31 am Sadrist leader described government reforms as "fake", and called for continued protest for "real reforms" Sadrist leader noted Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr, that continued protests "means there is a glimmer of hope of reaching real reforms."Sadr said in a statement, government reforms, describing the "timid". He stressed the need for "reform of the judiciary and Cabinet collapsing and the Election Commission, ministerial bodies, and bodies that are dormant and inactive".

BGG: continued protests "means there is a glimmer of hope of reaching real reforms."
BGG: continued protests "means there is a glimmer of hope of reaching real reforms."
BGG: continued protests "means there is a glimmer of hope of reaching real reforms."
BGG: there is rumor of more sweeping reforms coming - big shake-up in the GOI.

Rcookie: And it seems the words of the week for Sistani are no more words....ACTION!!!!

BGG: IMHO I see this as a real peek into what's going on - Sadr and the opposition have no problem keeping the heat on.

BGG: there must be some waffling on the part of the GOI - the struggle I have talked about over and over - some parts of the GOI wanting to stay corrupt and stay "at the trough"...

rcookie : fat & sleepy BGG!

BGG: the truth is - they keep that up and there will be no money and no Iraq left. Looks like the house cleaning couldn't have come at a better time.

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BGG says to rcookie: give us some thoughts

Rcookie: Here is a piece

rcookie : Vice holds previous governments lose $ 600 billion Date: 05/09/2015 16:35 governments the responsibility of corrupt deals in the purchase of weapons contracts and waste of public funds. Said Shawki told / information / "The previous governments, the executive, legislative and judicial their authorities bear all the legal consequences in the purchase of arms deals that hover around suspicions of corruption in addition to the loss of more than $ 600 billion without the presence of its own final accounts," "likely that there would be figures and banks and civil government is accused of corruption issues. " He added that "the current government is committed to the recommendations of the religious authority and Ptoukitat reforms announced by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to purge all state institutions of the rampant corruption in it." The religious reference in her speech stressed on Friday the need for large capital accounting of corruption and forwarded to the judiciary. Finished

rcookie: Another report today BGG of $45Billion spent in last 10 years and they donít have 1/3 of their total electricity needs

BGG says to rcookie: Sounds like Sistani points out Maliki, (executive) the MP's (legislative) and Medhat al-Mahmoud (judicial authorities) are the ones responsible for 600 BILLION in losses... he's probably gettin closer to the right number...

rcookie : However the scariest report today is where Iraq & Sudan ranks as Worlds top most corrupt placing 170 out of 175 countries...long report but mind blowing numbers and details!!

BGG: and the current government is COMMITTED to rooting out the corruption.
BGG says to rcookie: it is the truth.
BGG says to rcooki: S&P pointed out "institutional risk" - meaning the very institutions of Iraq are at risk (maybe they ARE the risk)...

Rcookie: Iraq and Sudan, the Arab world's most corrupt Date: 05/09/2015 20:35 QhzRxcT_TlvVw

BGG says to rcookie: the good news, Abadi appears in high gear to fix it...

Rcookie: And that is Iraq's only hope to survive!!

BGG says to rcookie: Sadr and Sistani don't appear to be willing to let him forget it either

BGG : Sorry - I am getting carried away - let's take a break for ??s

satrib says to BGG: would Martial law make it easier for Abadi to handle Maliki et al?

BGG says to satrib: not impossible - could be a threat from Abadi if those in the "middle ground" can't manage to start acting right ASAP.

BGG says to satrib: in redneck lingo...

Pablo: Did you ever hear anything more of those rumors that M fled to Iran earlier this week?

BGG says to Pablo: I doubt he has yet - but as soon as he thinks he is in danger, he'll ROLL
BGG says to Pablo: bank on it.
BGG says to Pablo: he won't stay for "the trial"...

BGG says to Doodle Brain: You have an interesting article to discuss??

Doodle Brain : Yes, but first a comment, please. For example, Abadi isn't the one going after Maliki, he is letting the facts and the International courts go after him. Abadi's hands a clean. Seems like if he wants to declare martial law, now is the time.

Doodle Brain : he has the power of the citizens behind him

BGG : Very curious (today) how the news for today seemed late in developing...

BGG: maybe I was just sleepy

Doodle Brain : So if he wants to declare Martial Law, so to is the time. CBI is opening the files, International Courts going after Maliki, etc. etc. etc

Jtank: they are near rioting now and it will make things worse

BGG says to jtank: not according to sources - lots of demonstrations (mostly peaceful) and Sadr seems to think they need to keep up the pressure.

Jtank: then why martial law

Doodle Brain : Last ditch efforts by guilty players?

BGG says to jtank: I can assure you - behind the scenes, Sadr is called on to be "the bad guy"... Hakim isn't saying a word. He's trying to walk a fine line with Tehran...

BGG says to jtank: but Sadr is always on the "outs" with Iran - he doesn't care

Doodle Brain : when you are ready, I have the article that I though, for me anyway...was curious in its timing.


BGG says to jtank: IMHO - it could be a "veiled threat" by Abadi to those players in the "middle ground" to choose the right side - ASAP.

BGG says to Doodle Brain: Good point on the timing...

Pablo: If they have martial law, will that stop their reforms and an RV?

BGG says to Pablo: I highly doubt that - in fact, if this is the way Abadi has to go - it will be because he needs reforms on every level.

cjquade54: remember a couple of years ago Shabibi warned all the players to choose wisely the side they're on.

BGG says to cjquade54: Go on...

cjquade54: some are choosing the wrong side
cjquade54: that's all I had to say

BGG says to cjquade54: that is obvious... some high profile Sunnis are going to get roasted.
BGG says to cjquade54: stunning developments - to say the least.

Doodle Brain : "Chairman of the parliament threatens 30 deputies Gaabathm exceeded the allowable limit and is reluctant to reveal their names". Article: https://translate.googleusercontent....ntuvawDVVPgf7g

Doodle Brain: timing is very curious...although I know that they announced that they will be going after the absentees

Doodle Brain : Said John in the receipt of the statement (IMN) a copy of "Presidency of the Council of Representatives and sent an ultimatum to the 30 deputies after Gaabathm exceeded more than twenty session," pointing out that "there are exceptional leave granted by the President of the House of Representatives of the members according to their own circumstances and extraordinary."

Doodle Brain: sorry, having trouble bringing the rest in. computer challenged today.

BGG says to Doodle Brain: that would be Jubouri about to take some scalps for threatening him with that dumb jibberish they just were... (100 signatures - blah, blah, blah)

Doodle Brain: right? It was just interesting to see today.

BGG says to Doodle Brain: what you wanna' bet there will only be 70 signatures on Tuesday if they keep up

Doodle Brain: date and rate next?

BGG says to Doodle Brain: he's like - accuse me all you want... but you gotta' show up to work first!!

BGG says to rcookie: Ok - what was the most important article of the day for you?/

Rcookie He did publicly publish some of the names of those absent for some of the reform votes including Maliki kin

rcookie : You want some bond news?

BGG says to rcookie: those would obviously be SLC (some of the 100 signatures)

Doodle Brain : The MP for the coalition of state law, Hussein al-Maliki announced, on Friday, to collect 100 signatures to the dismissal of al-Jubouri, from his post on the back of his visit to Qatar.

BGG says to rcookie: sure -- bring it!!
BGG says to rcookie: that stuff is WILD today - BTW

rcookie :Saturday 5 September 2015 | 06:35 evening | Number of Views: 399 Iraq is preparing to sell bonds in euros to obtain cash financing/..tstad Baghdad and the Iraqi government during the period preceding the Labor Day holiday in the United States, which coincides with the 7 of this month to start marketing to sell bonds worth euro US and international markets to obtain cash financing. According to the news report by "Irak Basnzs News" and translates as "eye Iraq News," that the banks "City Krupp, the Bank of the Netherlands, and JP Morgan" will be the main source of Iraqi bonds expected to sell and which will be unsecured by source statement on.

Rcookie: He said the site "that the material yield, which he hopes Iraq collected a consequence of the sale of the bonds will be $ 6 billion to cover the shortfall in the projected budget next year, comes this release to be the first in almost a decade, was the last international items Iraq has issued in 2006.anthy 5 http://translate.googleusercontent.c...wdM4ettoTxaubw

rcookie : These are for the projected budget shortfall

BGG says to rcookie: that has to be a translation issue - meaning "this year"
BGG says to rcookie: they do that a lot - Friday next

Rcookie: starting 7th

BGG says to rcookie: or Sunday next - almost always meaning tomorrow.
BGG says to rcookie: I don't get who will buy these bonds.
BGG says to rcookie: other than maybe the CBI - ??

rcookie: unsecured

BGG says to rcookie: no one outside of Iraq (and in their right minds) will invest institutional capitol on this level

BGG says to rcookie: there is sooooooo much instability right now - so many unknowns

rcookie: worth euro US and international markets to obtain cash financing
rcookie: So 6 Billion for budget gap

BGG says to rcookie: if this were translated to our stock market - who would be buying?? and ask yourself - who would be selling???

BGG says to rcookie: and my point is - they need more than these bonds to get where they need to go - I doubt anyone other than the CBI will buy them

rcookie : I know and without Investment law and legal infrastructure implemented

BGG says to rcookie: right - 6 Bil for what is likely a 40 Bil gap (and widening daily)...

rcookie : Exactly...and this one BGG

rcookie : Iraq issued bonds for $ 7 billion to pay off the debt of oil companies ... and pay the remaining crude Author: Editor: 05/09/2015 20:41 Number of Views: 722

BGG says to rcookie: all of which point to a desperate need for "buying power" ASAP...

Rcookie: 10 Billion owed to oil companies...7B in bonds paid for with CBI reserves and the other outstanding 3B paid in OIL!!!

BGG : So here it is folks - Iraq is really in the hurts for cash - they need some monetary reform that will help them (initially) with "buying power" and help them get over the hump.


satrib says to BGG: Why the need for the whole gang to come to the US for this? What am I missing?

BGG says to satrib: That is a great question!!
BGG says to satrib: whatever it is - is BIG.

subgirl : When is the Investment Law supposed to be voted on? I thought it was supposed to be voted on this coming Monday!??

satrib says to BGG: thought so but never know if it is those pesky deenar googles

Doodle Brain: In August, didn't Iraq's Oil minister say that he had paid $9B in remaining arrears for 2014 and was paying 2015 arrears in stages until beginning in 2016? Wasn't that a Reuters article?

Rcookie: Its in that one as well

BGG says to subgirl: I don't know about Monday - but they have reported next week - it will be passed.
BGG says to subgirl: and that is a very big deal.

rcookie : The Reuters news agency quoted Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi as saying that "Iraq blasted the foreign oil companies to nine billion dollars remaining from the late 2014", noting "it would pay the arrears of 2015 in stages until the beginning of 2016".The Global companies such as BP and Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil, Eni and Lukoil in the oil fields in southern Iraq under the service you get out on the dollar in exchange for a fixed fee contracts for production.

Doodle Brain: that's it. Thanks!

BGG says to subgirl: who (investor wise) would want to invest in Iraq (bonds or otherwise) without some assurance of being able to get their money back out??

subgirl says to BGG: sure not me? lol

BGG says to subgirl: that is the crux of the Investment Law... provides investors some protections.

subgirl says to BGG: oh gotcha! thanks for letting me understand that!

rcookie : Wonít be any more of these stopgap measures after the 1st if the AML & Investment laws not in place

BGG says to rcookie: totally agreed...

daytrader : Would think it difficult to sell bonds if Abadi declares martial law.

BGG says to daytrader: I don't know - if he immediately proceeds with sweeping reforms - it could be a huge gain in confidence for Iraq.

Doodle Brain : who would want to buy these bonds? People/countries that want to control or have excess cash...just look at the Egyptian Billionaire that is buying an island for refugees to have a new home.

BGG says to daytrader: let's face it - with a B- ... it almost can't get worse

satrib says to BGG: maliki has a lot of

daytrader : True

Doodle Brain : maybe a silly comment, but people to have control or access. Just look at everyone contributing to Hillary's foundation. Whoops, did I just say that?

BGG : There was an article out today (at some point) with Iraq not too happy about their S&P rating...
BGG : time to live in reality Iraq - it is what it is - get better.

BGG : and to finish off today's News Time -
BGG : with all the unrest,
BGG : with all the turmoil,

Rcookie: IMF will not give loans to warring country just like Ukraine

BGG: with all the internal drama and corruption in Iraq right now...

BGG says to rcookie: EXACTLY

BGG : So here it is (again) folks - Iraq is really in the hurts for cash - they need some monetary reform that will help them (initially) with "buying power" and help them get thru this time of crisis.

BGG : thanks for tuning in - tomorrow nite for News Time again!!