Jubouri explains: these reasons, my visit to the State of Qatar

Clarification was issued by the Information Office of the President of the Council of Saleem al-Jubouri, after questions and speculations about the course of the recent visit by al-Jubouri, the reward to the State of Qatar.

1. The increase in the State of Qatar came upon an official invitation from the Qatari government directed.
2. The visit was to promote the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, especially as it matures transition diplomat and the exchange of ambassadors, and the timing of the visit, at this stage, an active supporter of the development of this relationship and cementing for the benefit of the two brotherly countries.
3. Visited after prior dialogue between the parliament speaker and leaders in the Iraqi state which is not a secret and does not have a personal turn.
4. general framework discussions centered around the visit is a political process and national reconciliation and respect for Iraq's sovereignty and to emphasize support any project that reconciliation should be on its territory and within the framework of respect for the Constitution Qatari officials have confirmed that they are keen on this principle and support to him.
5. The visit lasted eight hours during which the meeting, Foreign Minister and the Prime Minister and in the presence and coordination of the Iraqi embassy commendable.
6. During the visit was not meeting with any Iraqi figure from inside or outside the political process and not to visit any relationship with any conference coincides held with never visit, and despite our emphasis on the accuracy of this matter, we say that the contact or meeting with any of the political opposition is at the heart of the duty of the Speaker of Parliament as head of the legislative power in the country and the meaning of a major degree of support the national reconciliation project.
7 - The visit resulted in important outcomes such as Qatar promised to support the political process and national reconciliation and to attend the Conference on the fight against terrorism in Iraq and confirm Qatari Prime Minister's visit to Baghdad at the invitation of Iraq emphasized by al-Jubouri.
8. These visits assured us before to no doubt that the Arab community to support Iraq in its war against terrorism, and that Iraq succeeded, through its contacts with the brothers in his case to convince them crucial in achieving sovereignty and defeat terrorism.