Dr. al-Jubouri looking with Dr. Allawi national reconciliation and ways to apply

Discuss House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, said Friday, "telephone" with the President of the National List of Iyad Allawi, a roadmap of national reconciliation and ways to apply them. The Jubouri by contacting the need to build bridges with partners clearly and strengthen the relationship with our Arab brothers and to benefit from their support for the political process in Iraq. Jubouri added that Iraq is passing through a critical stage requires openness to others and leave the state of skepticism and confusion of national effort and the Arab world, noting that these efforts face significant pressure. For his part, Mr. Allawi praised the efforts of the President of the House of Representatives and his efforts to heal the national ranks, adding that the existing national support This effort past a national program to fight corruption and sectarianism and reconciliation. The Information Office of the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives 04/09/2015.