Interpol seeks Interior. The arrest of "close to Al-Maliki" escaped with an amount ($ 3 million)!
Date: Saturday, 05-09-2015 03:31 pm

Called body integrity from the Interior Ministry to approach Interpol to arrest "the doctor slave Rahim Dimitra" Secretary General of the Council of Iraqi-Kuwaiti relations.
The request came after the integrity of judicial order in captured before court integrity of received amount (3) million dollars from the State of Kuwait to support the children of Iraq, and the Rifa'i in the deposit in his account, this source of body integrity.
"It's when accountability Rifai why access the required amount to Iraq replied that airport security had confiscated Kuwaiti amount from him at the airport for violating regulations and instructions for being more than a specified amount for each passenger.
The source confirmed the integrity of internal demanded the arrest of Al-Rifai through Interpol and handed over to the Iraqi authorities. "
The "Rifai non-resident in Iraq and has a European passport and is close to Al-Maliki and served in the Presidency of the Government of Iraq was last on the purification of the atmosphere between Iraq and Kuwait".
This is called integrity Commission of the State of Kuwait not to grant any of the Iraqi figures under the headings support in anticipation of exploiting humanitarian attitudes avatars to Kuwait and the State deposits in their own accounts.