"Tribunal correctionnel in Karbala province, ordered the detention of Jassem Hameed Al-Malik

Iraqi court officials said that the "Tribunal correctionnel in Karbala province, ordered the detention of Jassem Hameed Al-Maliki, on charges of misusing his powers as a member of the Karbala provincial Council from a list of State law, the crimes of human rights violations notably involved in targeting supporters of the Arab Shiite Ayatollah sarkhi by 2014, and theft.

It is worth mentioning that the religious authority Ayatollah sarkhi in SAIF Saad of Karbala displays in summer 2014 to assault by joint forces, accompanied by a group of militias, notably the militia "the biggest battalions" of the Secretary-General Abdul Mehdi karbalai shrine, as heavy and light weapons were used against Ansar Al-sarkhi reference including helicopters and artillery , Which led to hundreds of deaths and injuries among transgendered sarkhi reference and some civilian residents of the area.

Supporters have accused ref sarkhi former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that this process and its fibres massacre "age" VPW expression stating that Al-Maliki undertook this process in accordance with the dictates of the Iranian, where known reference sarkhi combat and rejected the Iranian jurist and rejection of intervention in Iraqi Affairs.

And noted that the investigation confirms that "the accused involved in offences of abuse of authority", as it is not known whether in Iraq or in Iran, disappeared days before sentencing ", the decision is the first of its kind, which reaches for the episode close to Al-Maliki.

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