Maliki calls to stand firm against attempts to divide Iraq

Baghdad scales News - He attacked the First Deputy President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki on Saturday, the Doha conference hosted by Qatar for a number of Sunni politicians wanted by the Iraqi judiciary on charges of terrorism.

Maliki said in a statement quoted by his press office and received / scales News / copy of it during a meeting with a delegation from the Unified Iraqi Tribes Council that "the tribes in Iraq represents a slice and component socially important through to stand by the state and addressing the challenges suspicious and projects aimed at the unity of Iraq."

"The conditions that Aachiha Iraq today is no less dangerous than the situation that accompanied the start of the twentieth revolution, are still conspiracies being hatched against the country are still maiming and counterfeiting campaigns targeting national and religious symbols continuously, so the increased awareness and vigilance of the ongoing plots will contribute to make it fail."

Maliki denounced "attempts by some countries Almntqh- in reference to the Qatar-interference in Iraqi affairs by setting up conferences incite sectarian strife and the laying of the differences between the components of the Iraqi people."

Maliki called on everyone to "respond firmly and stand against those projects and attempts, which calls for the division and tearing Iraq," he continued, "we have to preserve our national unity through respect for all nationalities and creeds and consideration of national belonging to Iraq is all about" .anthy 29 / d 25