In support of the reform project which called for the upper reference .. Sheikh d. Hamoudi group called immediate action to activate and monitor the implementation of the parliamentary reforms package

Fired by the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d.Hamoudi, a series of immediate measures to activate and follow-up to the parliamentary reform package, came through official communications of the parliamentary committees, each according to its competence and relevant institutions Kalnsahh and others.

And instructed Sheikh d. Hamoudi during that correspondence to the relevant committees in the "hold hearings to discuss the demands of protesters, according to the terms of reference of each committee in the presence of the concerned officials," and urged them "punctuality timings appropriate legislative procedures within the Council in order to speed up the implementation."

And the face of a member of the board of the presidency, the Department of Finance in the Council prepare a detailed report on the "absence of the amounts withheld illegal for members of the House of Representatives and converted them into the security forces and the popular crowd and displaced budget."

Media Office of His Eminence said that it was the most important detail of the policies included in that official correspondence to the relevant parliamentary committees to speed up the legislation of laws and process files that affect the citizens and the need to fight corruption and provide visions of radical reform, serious and process about them.