Barzani deciding the fate of tomorrow and opposition parties adhere to the parliamentary system

Special - scales News - Confirmed the MP for the mass change Shirin parliamentary satisfaction, Saturday, that on Sunday will hold another meeting of the five Kurdish parties to determine the fate of the regional president of the outgoing Massoud Barzani, confirmed stuck four-party ruling converts from a presidential to a parliamentary system.

Said Reza's / scales News / "The extension of the mandate of the president of the province of the outgoing Massoud Barzani, have not been so far, and we are in the mass change a fixed position and insist on our opinion, along with the other three parties, (National Union - Islamic Union - JI), to change the system of government in Kurdistan from a presidential system to a parliamentary system."

She added that "meetings are continuing between the Kurdish parties in order to resolve this issue, and tomorrow will meet all five parties last meeting to decide the fate Barzani."

The "Kurdistan region is going through a complex political crisis over the presidency of the region and the end of the mandate of Massoud Barzani, as demanded four parties (the Patriotic Union of -altgier - Islamic Union - the Islamic Community) step down Barzani of power and regime change in the region from the presidential system to a parliamentary system and the selection of the President New from Parliament, "in" while the Democratic Party that refuses and calls for early elections to resolve the political problems and differences, ".anthy 29 n / 10