Brothers Issawi diplomats in the embassies of Iraq

Brother Baghdad - President of the National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi that "detect brother Issawi required the Iraqi judiciary, an employee of the Iraqi Embassy in Amman are second secretary", pointing out that the second brother at the Iraqi Embassy in the Netherlands."

He called Chalabi in their profile social networking "Facebook" and seen by the Agency for News Agency (et) Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari to the scrutiny of the foreign embassies of Iraq, noting that at the Iraqi Embassy in Amman employees named Amer neutrality Issawi brother Rafi al-Issawi, are second secretary and has an apartment High-card and uncluttered and the adoption of the Iraqi Foreign Ministry."

He said Chalabi said al-Issawi, the second brother in Iraq Embassy of the Netherlands, and his nephew Iraqi Embassy in Egypt, pointing out that most of the relatives of current and former officials present at Iraqi embassies and Missions."