Central bank: selling gold bullion operations will support the financial liquidity

Qurtas News / Baghdad - The Central Bank of Iraq, Saturday, that the continued sale of gold bullion to the citizens will support the operations of financial liquidity.

The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords in a statement to "Qurtas News" that "the central bank, in order to support liquidity in the Iraqi state And encourage citizen of the Optional savings to diversify its means and put forward different options it embarked on the central bank introduced a different alloy weights for the acquisition of Before the citizen."

Keywords and added that "the sale of the citizens are made ​​through the process of Iraqi private banks after processing by the Central Bank in accordance with the contexts simple and mechanisms to enable any citizen of the purchase of the alloy that easily."

Keywords stressed that "the central bank shepherd to sell bullion to banks and the living conditions of citizens, as it did not put non-small margin on the price of the alloy does not exceed the 1%, which is an administrative cost in line with the Bank's policy."

The central bank said during a statement issued about two months said it before that the bank agreed with one of the world's largest coined bullion companies Stamping gold bullion weights (5.10, 15.20, 25 and 50) g, caliber 24 g, and put up for sale through banks and During his position in Baghdad for the staff. The bank called on banks to provide their applications to the Directorate General of issuance and cabinets to buy quantities you wish to purchase for its own account or on behalf of the public, have been identified selling price based on the cost and continued to Baghdad International Airport, plus administrative uploads by 1 percent.