Friday 6: protests continue until reform
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Thread: Friday 6: protests continue until reform

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    Friday 6: protests continue until reform

    Friday 6: protests continue until reform

    Tens of thousands of people, today, in the governorates of the Centre and South of the country, demanding reform and eradicate corruption, with demonstrators defiant Wasit Province launched the slogan "patience has limits" during the protest. The Agency published "range press" network of correspondents across the provinces that have seen protests.

    Correspondent (ranges) in Baghdad, thousands of demonstrators gathered in central Baghdad's Tahrir square and unfurled banners demanding reform of the judiciary and the accountability of corrupt officials, also demanded to be real and tangible reforms, involving symbols of corruption and not superficial.
    The reporter said that a number of demonstrators unfurled banners warn the House from passing a law on the National Guard and other banners denounced the Doha Conference.

    In Karbala, thousands of residents of the province, demanding the Declaration of a State of emergency and reform of the judiciary and the accountability of corrupt officials, called on Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi to the investment mandate of the people and supporting reference for real reforms.
    In Najaf, the protesters demanded accountability "dwaash politics", while the enemy Conference "Doha" last "conspiracy" to divide Iraq, called for the need to accelerate the adoption of the amnesty law.

    Either in Babylon, they have thousands in front of the governorate building in the central city of Hilla, to demand the dissolution of the provincial Council and the sacking of Governor Sadiq al-Sultani, with conservative management reforms described as the "ink on paper", demanded the actors involved beating revealed protestors last week. In Wasit, chanted the slogan "patience has limits", stressing that their demonstrations will remain peaceful, "open", with another meeting held banners raised meaning the reforms and wondered what had been achieved.
    In the center of Nasiriyah in Dhi Qar Province, thousands of residents of the province to claim real reforms in the judiciary and other State joints, and criticized the head of the Government reform, Haidar Abadi, an enemy of these actions by "palliative".
    Maysan is the other, thousands of civilian activists and citizens in front of Maysan province to demand the submission of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat Al-Mahmoud to eliminate b "charges" to cover up corruption cases, in describing the reforms of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi as "slower than Sir turtle".
    In Basra, thousands demonstrated in front of the governorate building, demanding the resignation of the Governor and provincial Council as threatened by "the sit-in and end the protest peacefully" unless their demands, criticized the "ride" some governmental bodies and movement demonstrations.
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