Venezuelan President to visit Qatar to push for the price of a "strong" oil

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Qatar today to visit unannounced to push for action to support oil prices.

The agency said the government news in Venezuela on its website, "The president of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro to Doha today to continue his world tour and for the strong oil price."
It did not give further details.

Two countries and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

Venezuela is seeking - which suffer from a liquidity crisis - for months for an emergency meeting of OPEC and coordination with Russia to halt the deterioration of oil prices.

However, the wealthy Gulf members of OPEC and directed the organization's strategy last year and allowed the decline in crude prices in order to defend their share of the market.

And the dissemination of the Minister of Finance Rodolfo Marco photographs of himself on Twitter when he arrived to Doha, accompanied by Maduro and Minister of Oil and President of the State Oil Company.

Maduro said on Twitter "I came here to this round was completed necessary and continue to promote economic and financial relations in the field of energy."

The Maduro met in Moscow on Thursday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, where he said it had been agreed with Putin on "several initiatives" did not specify.

However, the Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters that Russia and Venezuela can not reach agreement on measures to support global oil prices.