Allawi responded to 2nd atck against him for Ebadi-tlkng'bout reform that did not fit
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Thread: Allawi responded to 2nd atck against him for Ebadi-tlkng'bout reform that did not fit

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    Allawi responded to 2nd atck against him for Ebadi-tlkng'bout reform that did not fit

    Allawi responded to the second attack against him for Ebadi: talking about reform that did not fit

    Twilight News / showed the former vice president and leader of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi surprised at the indictment of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi him to raise the level of pensions, expressing his willingness at the same time for his debate on television directly on presiding over a period of Ministers.

    Allawi said in a statement responded to Twilight News, "I was amazed Abadi accused me that I raised the level of pensions, as quoted by Channel Baghdadi respectable video footage of him as he talks about what he calls the reform that did not fit."

    "The Israeli government headed by Bremer, and Abadi was minister for communications, they have not put any peace or index for salaries in Iraq."

    He continued by saying, "I would like to be reviewed book the US inspector general in Iraq about the extent of corruption in the era of occupation did not hear from the ministers of the occupation, including al-Abadi Commenting on the extent of corruption, also had to be on the mentioned respective ministers, government should act to ease the burden and help our honorable but that did not It happens."

    Allawi said, "I was assigned by the Governing Council unanimously prime minister. And received responsibility and moved sovereignty in 06/28/2004 in Iraq's devastating, devastating, no army, no police and spend sleazy and budget empty after a long war with Iran and the occupation of brutal of Kuwait economic blockade and the two most recently ended the occupation of Iraq. Unfortunately, he was put our honorable sad and bleak and the employee's salary does not exceed a few dollars and government institutions looted and destroyed."

    He noted that "Bremer distributed budget in January of 2004 to his ministers, and when I receive late June the government was in the balance up to $ 150 million only, except the money handed over by the prime minister Achgala six months of the Ministers of Bremer."

    Between Allawi and that the financial and economic policy of his government founded on:
    1. cancel Iraq's debts to the Paris Club and actually has been canceled 80% of them participated in the effort negotiating technical Adel Abdul Mahdi, Minister of Finance and Shabibi Governor of the Central Bank of the time.
    2. Achieve the beginning of the welfare of the Iraqi people through salary increase for civilians and military personnel in Iraq, and to give financial grants in the holidays.
    3. The age of the university law and the system of scholarships and the allocation of a hundred million dollars from the 2004/2005 budget for this purpose, as well as the age of the other very important laws.
    4. maintain the level of the Iraqi dinar to lift the ceiling of the reserve of hard currency from oil imports,
    5. redefined valued tens of thousands of citizens to serve in the Iraqi army and departments dissolved.
    -6 Formed a council for Reconstruction headed by Deputy heads Minister Dr. Barham Salih and the supreme council of the policies of the oil and gas, under my leadership, and the privatization of finding solutions to factories Iraq destroyed the involvement of the private sector as well as established the National Security Council, under my leadership to strike terrorism and outlaws.
    -7 Fought corruption in the Introduction restructuring of the Office of Financial Supervision and the referral of three ministries to investigate, and Olena then Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the investigation and found widespread corruption in the ministries of Defense and Transportation. After the first procedural elections and the formation of the new government delivered to the ministries involved files that followed the ministries but did not take any action to end now.
    8. the salary of the minister in the ministries not to exceed the equivalent of four or five thousand dollars, either retirement has passed legislation to support workers valued, retirees and this is a natural right of the citizen, as well as that of addresses to rebuild Iraq faces terrorism deserves to have a rewarding retirement, and I recommended that the first elected representative council to reconsider and put him clear of salaries.

    Allawi said that "the President of the freedoms of the Finance Committee for four years before he be prime minister Haider al-Abadi, propose to reduce or cancel the salaries which means he Aictrt to the Constitution."

    He concluded by saying "This is the second attack by Haider al-Abadi against me when I said that the deputy prime minister and vice-president are the gateway corruption and the second of what he said about the sad words of salaries and pensions and I'm ready for his debate on television and Balambeshr".
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