Zobaie: paper political agreement is the foundation pillar approach to government reform

The member of the Federation of Iraqi forces MP Talal Zobaie; paper that the political agreement which the government was formed which is the foundation pillar in the government's approach to reform.

The MP added Zubai; that the Government's commitment to the implementation of the political agreement on the terms of the bids will be singing Alsaasph current media and it was possible to help the government and its partners in meeting the demands of all the provinces and prevents drain the energies of the masses.

And invited member of the Iraqi parliament from the province of Baghdad; the government to review its procedures and return to the implementation of paper political agreement as the first of the demands of the Iraqi people and a roadmap binding for all to correct the political process paths and that new representatives of the people trust its articles when they voted to approve the governmental and parliamentary reform packages in mid-August.