Khamenei and Ameri support the Engineer Mahmood 9/4
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Thread: Khamenei and Ameri support the Engineer Mahmood 9/4

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    Khamenei and Ameri support the Engineer Mahmood 9/4

    In response to the orders of Khamenei and Ameri support the Engineer Mahmood

    Mohammed Star Friday 0.04 September 0.2015

    A visit by leaders in the popular crowd Hadi Amri and Abu Mahdi Mohandes to the Supreme Judicial Council and show their support for President Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud popular backlash angry contestant Ameri universe and the engineer have enjoyed great popularity after their leadership of the factions of the popular crowd in heroic battles against al Daash, and show a number of facts that do not is today obvious to one and remind them quite a bit, including that Mahmood claimed the demonstrations his dismissal is one of the men Mr. Ali Khamenei in Iraq and here I remember dear readers that Mahmood played a role unfair in a lot of issues, but the most prominent is going to the Islamic Republic during the interaction issue withdraw confidence from Maliki in 2012 and received orders from Mr. Vinai that the process of withdrawal of confidence illegal and that Mahmood decreed so without any discussion Since Alguenon in that period, and so far is, however, al-Maliki, the fact that the triangular relationship says Mahmoud continued to Iran and al-Maliki boy Iran spoiled the survival Mahmood his job means escaping al-Maliki of punishment and hit all the reforms Abadi, however, from malicious law play out Iran and al-Maliki and their followers and like every time I expect to reach the objections of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic on the illegality and unconstitutionality of the decision to cancel the office and waiting for Mahmoud orders of his masters will come to the surprise and shock of the demonstrators that Iedo to office Otz all civil mobility and (sorry) Tz the opinion of reference and guidance, which calls for a revolution against corruption and the survival of corruption in which reformer to Iran because the Sunni European American blockade on the republic banks, ports and Iraqi companies Prophet Galilee service Vinai, including, but not limited to Bank Elaph and his money movable between Iran and Indonesia, Lebanon, and an African country I do not remember her name and the second bank is Huda Islamic Bank which owns and Walid al-Hilli lion's share and its role in commercial transfers between Iran and Thailand and China who are African countries and then, the money due to the Crown Faqih (pervaded my eyes on Iraq) and Auahd Eshetglh all operate if guardian jurist if the Custodian of the Two Holy if the Ottoman Sultan Mr. Erdogan and God Avenger them wholes go back to Mr. Medhat al-Mahmoud innocent question Wallis Mahmood, who decreed in the tyrant time passport cut the ear of a fugitive from Afeeh military service Dawa what your promise is the criminals you rely on them to God Derek O homeland what Tekle Shaukat Chor Balbakok ..

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