Anbar: 7000 tribal fighters are ready to share the liberalization of the province

Writings Friday 0.04 September 0.2015

Gray / Nina / National Iraqi News Agency: Chairman of the Board of Anbar province Krhotastaadad morning announced more than seven thousand fighters of the sons of the tribes to fight in the liberation of maintaining operations.
Krhot said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency said 7,000 fighters from the families of the sons of Anbar province are ready to fight to maintain operations in the liberation of the elements of the terrorist organization Daash.
He added: 'The government has trained and will join these fighters in the liberation of the province battles breakers in the various processes along with the security forces and the popular crowd'.
They were the other hand, he stressed the President of the Supreme Security Committee in the province Suhaib al-Rawi governor of Anbar province quest with the central government and the international coalition forces to convert formations tribal fighters to official military institution subject to all the security and administrative controls and military contexts.
A statement from his office quoted him as saying during during the distribution of weapons to fighters sons of Anbar tribes in Habbaniyah, which came in coordination with the central government and the Commission High security in the province and the distribution of financial dues ceremony: 'The local government is working in coordination with the central government on the graduation of other meals tribal fighters, armed As will be provided by the central government ', adding' that the arming of the day, which included Saraya commandos tribal fighters will see its impact in the field '.
For his part, Deputy Chief of the popular crowd Hamid Alhatri 'continued support of the central government fighters Anbar tribes, and the level required by the battle until the full liberalization of the province'.

The governor of Anbar province had confirmed earlier that the province has adapted and the training of more than eight thousand fighters of the sons of Anbar tribes to fight Daash terrorist gangs.