Certified Sistani calls for the prosecution of "whales corruption" and the restoration of Iraq's money stolen


Karbala, Iraq-Press -4 September / September: Mr. Ahmed net certified student supreme religious authority in Najaf Ali al-Sistani, on Friday, the Integrity Commission and the Iraqi judiciary to prosecute "whales corruption," senior officials of the state and the restoration of Iraq funds stolen from them.
Said Safi, in his Friday sermon la carte Husseini in Karbala, said: "The manifestations of corruption in Iraq proliferate because of who enriched themselves at the expense of the people benefiting from government positions, so you should start to prosecute and to hold the large whales from these corrupt and the restoration of Iraq funds required of them."
He called net Integrity Commission and the judiciary to "address the matter and prosecute the big heads of the corrupt who have enriched themselves at the expense of the people, and retrieve the money figs they took it," noting that "from the basic steps in the reform process and the fight against corruption."
And on the government's reform demands advocated by the Iraqis demonstrators, a certified Sistani stressed that "not enough harmony officials with our calls for reform and support rhetorically and in the media, but they have to work hard and contribute effectively to achieve reform on the ground all of its place and its location."
He pointed out that "whatever was in charge of its legal powers and not be able to single-handedly bring needed reforms, but we must cooperate with him in various other authorities." Ended (1)