Al-Awadi: Sumo company needs to efficiency, sobriety and we change with

Alsumaria News / Baghdad Confirmed to the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Awad al-Awadi, Wednesday, SOMO need to efficiency and sobriety, while he supported the change. He said al-Awadi, during his interview with the program "unexpected" which aired "Alsumaria TV", "The Sumo important company and you need to efficiency and sobriety, and we are with a change," adding that "guessing and selling prices in Sumo must be comparable." On the other hand, between al-Awadi, that "the oil region up to Israel through a broker, a company that sells her the Kurdistan Regional Government," adding that it was "better for the territorial Government to put under the condition on the sale of oil so as not up to Israel." The head of the will of the MP Hanan al confirmed in (August 24, 2015) it was waiting for the government's attitude toward Manscher on the import of Israel its oil from Kurdistan, as pointed out that the total Kurdistan revenues of oil exports amounted to only one billion and a half in August now as announced by the Ministry of wealth in the province.