Efforts to increase savings and investment awareness among citizens

(Independent) .. revealed a committee to Aaguetsad and investment parliamentary member of proof Almamori for efforts to increase savings and investment awareness among Iraqi citizens as an optimal solution to alleviate the financial crisis. Said Mamouri that the nature of savings culture among Iraqis has been and continues to rely style of what is known as monetary policy freezers, the more surplus to the needs of citizens of liquidity spared either buying gold jewelry or Ctfad by Kciolh currency foreign Kladolar or Iraqi dinar or even asylum in some cases to buy Lands residential and left, indicating that the financial and economic developments in the world and followed up at the level of countries of the region, especially the Gulf countries devised means guaranteed and quick to take advantage of these savings within adequate investment frameworks for its development during periods of Qasra to achieve extra yield to the citizen on the one hand and contribute to Aaguetsadah development of the country on the other hand .
He said among these means planning for strategic projects implemented by offering its shares for a project to subscribe to my game Algmehmor directly and use the money in the implementation that these projects be profitable when operating as happened implementation of the second Suez Canal project which is to be the king of the Egyptian public and the way the other is to increase the interest size in Investment banks also the case in Iran, where savings exceed 25% interest in our banks continued to impose the benefit does not exceed 6% ratio.

He pointed out that the only country in the region which do not have the culture to the development of the stock market is still Iraq, where trading operations confined within a very small group compared to the reluctance of the public to the need to increase awareness of these methods of saving.

Almamori concluded that recourse to cultures so savings will be reflected positively on the Iraqi economy through the exploitation of nearly 42 trillion Iraqi dinars in circulation currently on the market have added another $ 45 billion also sandwiched between citizens and the banking sector.

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