Prime Minister's Office: All protection battalions of officials withdrawn without exception or discrimination

Shafaq News / The Office of the Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi confirmed that the latter is going in the implementation of government reforms package, including the withdrawal of all protection regiments of officials and reduced them to 90% without exception or discrimination. The office said in a statement, that the orders that were issued within the reform package confirms the withdrawal of all protection battalions of officials without exception or discrimination, restructuring them and its relation to parties or cancelling them as they shouldn’t be connected with an official absolutely and do not hold the task of protecting personally, but the national tasks within the security system to Iraqi forces to protect the country and its citizens. The statement added that we confirm the commitment to the great reduction of the number of protections for officials and that up to 90%, depending on the presidency orders not retreat from that at all, although that are trying to disrupt the reforms which will only make us insist even more to proceed in this way to the end this road.