Deputy for the National: the National Guard Law will return to the government if it does not solve formed knot

Deputy stressed the alliance continued differences between the parliamentary blocs on the draft law of the National Guard.
Full-Zaidi told all of Iraq [where], "The knot enactment of the law is still on the formation of these forces where calls for national forces the Union to be from the province itself, while the National Alliance wants to be one of the components of Iraqi society all, and all the provinces." Zaidi felt that "the solution, for the government to restore law and what you see is appropriate will walk by the House of Representatives," he said, adding that "if not resolved this dispute will be re-law to the government."
The House of Representatives has been postponed in its Sunday the adoption of the National Guard Law to next week with the continuing differences around him, which is concentrated on the reference of these forces, where the National Alliance wants to be linked to the general commander of the armed forces and form of the people of all the provinces, while strong union wants and Kurds that is linked to local governments of the provinces, and that is composed of people of the province itself.
He confirmed at a meeting of the three presidencies, last Monday, the importance of the completion of key legislation, including the National Guard and the Federal Court and national reconciliation laws.
And pledged to House Speaker Salim al convince the various parties on the draft law before the National Guard of the National Alliance to show his desire to return the person to the government, as Alliance MP Sadiq said chewing gum.
As hinted House Speaker Salim al [who belongs to the Union of Forces] to support because National Guard troops are from the province itself, where he said in a speech yesterday, "We continue to believe that the National Guard Law is the foundation block to initiate the process of liberalization and support for local forces will establish of the state of integration of the people of those areas in the interaction with the event and will enhance their confidence in their ability to work with the support the people of those provinces engage in a process of confrontation Daash ".anthy 2