Expert Council named Forum, strategic expert Dr. Amir Jabbar Saadi, Deputy Chairman.

Moderated by the second meeting of the Expert Council Dr. saman, which hosted the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Finance Dr. Mohammad Saleh appearance and the presence of several personalities including Economist Majid and former Transport Minister Sham Amir Abdel Jabbar, head of Iraq's strategic studies group Dr. confident and experts in policy EA Feili and Khaled Abdel ilah, former mp Akram Terzi. President of the Forum, said Huda Hashem Al-shamma, "Expert Council on holding meetings that discuss the country's problems and find solutions so that we will submit to decision makers to discuss and activate it. While the Prime Minister's Adviser, said for financial affairs, Mohammad Saleh appearance that "Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi sustained in his reform programme, which aims to reduce State expenditure," adding that "the reduction of the salaries of senior officials, a first step to achieving equity in salaries among the people." The economy suffered a two-stroke first when terrorist gangs dominated daash, a number of provinces and the second when oil prices fell in half", stating that "the 2015 budget deficit shift to real after that was by default in previous budgets. For his part, suggested that the Chairman of the Board of strategic studies is confident al-Hashimi of the necessity of attention to religious tourism, especially that the country has many shrines, which could bring millions of dollars during the year.

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