Maliki: Participating in Doha Conference is a breach of Article 50 of the Constitution
Thursday, 03 September 2015 09:41

Shafaq News / MP of State of law coalition, Abdul Salam al-Maliki said Thursday that the participation of members of Parliament in Doha Conference is a "notorious" represents

a violation of the constitution in article 50 it contained sworn performed by the MP before conducting his work.

Maliki said in a statement, received by “Shafaq News, "we're not against developing our relations and opening up to the countries of the region as we want to establish good relations with all countries for our interests and theirs," but he added that "this does not mean that we are satisfied to adopt those relationships on the basis of interference in our affairs or prejudice to the sovereignty and independence of the country. "

"The parties that have adopted Doha conference already wanted to support the political process in Iraq, which we doubt, establishing a conference outside the work , coordination and international relations contexts is clear evidence of the ill intentions and not wanting to clear the atmosphere between the two countries."

Maliki said that "Iraq welcomes helping neighbors and the region if they wanted it, on condition that such initiatives are stemming from the Iraqi national will first and then supported by others who wish to help us," pointing out that "we consider this conference as part of the planned malignant aimed to divide Iraq and spoiling the political process “.

He called on "the need to form a board of inquiry against every deputy participates in a conference sponsored by the State of supporting terrorism and declare hostility of Iraq's political process, who reneged and violated the Constitution in the 50 article which stipulates that the MP should commit to maintain Iraq's independence and sovereignty."