President of the Parliament stresses the need for coordination with the Iraqi government and other parties to come out with positive results to crises, attitudes and values ​​of all international and regional efforts to support and assist Iraq

Eighth Parliament Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday, all international and regional efforts to support and assist Iraq, and strengthen his position and resolving all crises faced by the political establishment across the scene of conferences, seminars and pouring their results in the interest of the Iraqi people. He stressed in a press statement on the great interest in the need for higher coordination and shared with the government and other Iraqi parties for the purpose of traffic within the framework of national and one common vision, for shaping the political action depends mainly on the principle of advice and dialogue and joint coordination, to come out with positive results uniform over all the crises and situations. The sovereignty that the unification of local and international and regional efforts is an urgent need, especially at the present time, in order to edit usurped cities and defeat al Daash terrorist and an end to its presence on the land of Iraq, and the return of displaced people and the reconstruction of their areas and provide a decent life for them and for every Iraqi citizen.

information Office The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives