Baghdad sent a 10% share of Sulaymaniyah in the development of regions and waiting for the last 17 ​​billion dinars during the day

Sulaimaniyah Provincial Council, announced on Tuesday that the central government will send 10% of the share of the province of the development of regions for 2015, and among that Baghdad has so far sent nine billion dinars of its stake, awaited confirmed 17 billion dinars other in the coming days of the federal capital. A member of the Board of the province of Sulaymaniyah for green mass Recot Zaki said in an interview for a number of media, including (range Press), on the sidelines of the province session, which was held today, "The Governor of Sulaimaniya, spoke during the meeting about the projects and said that Sulaimaniya share of provincial development in budget 2015 was 170 billion dinars, according to the federal government's decision. " Zaki added that "the central government will send 10% of them only because of the financial crisis," pointing out that "So far nine billion dinars arrived only is scheduled to reach 17 billion dinars for later." And experiencing the city of Sulaymaniyah and the cities of the Kurdistan region difficult economic situation because of the oil crisis between Baghdad and the region, which in turn influenced the provincial budget and the distribution of its staff salaries and accusations directed by the province to Baghdad in this regard.