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Diyala provincial council announced on Tuesday the completion of 75% of the clothing aisle Third Street Prime linking the capital Baghdad governorate of Kirkuk, and while noting that the project is within the 2013 projects, confirmed that the company carried out work without receiving amounts allocated to them due to lack of liquidity. The Chairman of the Committee on reconstruction in the Diyala provincial council, Mohammed al-Saadi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The specialized local company has completed about 75% of the clothing operations (tiling) corridor Third Street extended President to distance (20 km), which connects the vast area of ​​the entrance of Khalis , west of Baquba. " Saadi said that "the street that has direct Boxaih Thblath and is part of the main road that links the capital, Baghdad governorate of Kirkuk and passing through Khalis," pointing out that "Siding molding process accompanied by street after placing mat arming".

Saadi said that "the project from within the development of the regions for 2013 projects, in the case of completion will facilitate the flow of vehicle operation, especially as he had hurt a lot as a result of heavy loads and the statute of limitations in Oxaih process," stressing that "the company is executing the project strives to complete its work without receiving the amounts allocated to complete the project for lack of cash. " The House of Diyala announced on Tuesday (the first of September 2015), the allocation of the Central Bank of $ 149 million for the reconstruction of three liberated areas in the governorate (55 km northeast of Baghdad), as acknowledged security breach in some areas, confirmed the ability of the security forces control.