Lukoil reap nearly $ 1.5 billion from the West Qurna field in the first half of 2015

Revealed Lukoil Lukoil Russian company, for access to one billion and 535 million dollars from the West Qurna 2, which invest in Basra, during the first half of 2015, indicating that more than B356 million returns achieved during the same period of 2014 last year. The company said in a statement that followed the (long-Presse), "The West Qurna-2 project der by nearly one billion and 535 million dollars during the first half of the current 2015," noting that it "includes insurance billion and $ 475 million of the amounts spent on the project, The compensation fee for each barrel of up to $ 60 million. Lukoil said, that "the amount exceeds the amount of revenue earned by the company during the same period of the previous year in 2014," indicating that it was "up to one billion and 179 million dollars."
According to the Russian company, in its latest semi-annual report, that "this source of income classified as sales returns about one million and 412 tons of crude oil, or the equivalent of 30.00026 million barrels, which produced by the company during the first half of the current 2015", usually that that "constitute 52 percent of the total production of the field." She explained Lukoil, she "received four million and 700 thousand tons of crude oil from the Iraqi side in settlement of debts within sight of the project cost", pointing out that the "amount represents an amount of one billion and $ 683 million, which the company then sold to customers from third parties or send the oil to refineries. "
She company, that "the production ceiling for the West Qurna field is 1.0002 million bpd, and that the contract for up to 25 years." The Russian company Lukoil won a contract investment in the second round of oil licensing in the West Qurna 2 field contracts, north of Basra, and began the construction of wells and the drilling of the oil field in April of 2012, and of the said field reserves up to 13 billion barrels of oil.