Ages: the budget next year will focus on the completion of unfinished projects Order forward

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and municipalities have explained, that the budget for the coming year 2016 will focus on the completion of unfinished projects and to refer them for the implementation of a set way of payment on credit. And transfer to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of which, the minister Tariq Kikhany to say, "The ministry is implementing several strategic projects in all governorates of the country," pointing out that "the ministry is currently suffers from a fundamental problem is the lack of financial allocations" .
"The ministry has developed a new plan of action in the implementation of service projects during the coming period, focusing on the completion of infrastructure projects through the drinking water and sewage systems implementation receipt and delivery to the citizens as soon as possible."
"The ministry embarked on numbers the budget needed for next year with the inclusion of strategic projects in water and sanitation, and focused on completing the project is completed and referral group, including the implementation of a way of payment on credit or investment as it is the investment side necessary to support the work of the ministry" .anthy