Outraged activists support the-Amiri and engineer "for" corrupt "Iraqi justice Medhat Al Mahmoud!
Date: Wednesday, 02-09-2015 03:22 pm

He denounced Secretary-General of BADR organization, Hadi Amri, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, on Tuesday, by some against justice, and full support for the Iraqi judiciary and its symbols and do not allow any interference in its independence.
And the transfer of the official website of the Federal judiciary, "judge Midhat Mahmoud, head of the Supreme Judicial Council, yesterday morning met with leaders of the popular crowd, Hadi al-Amri, Abu Mahdi Mohandes.
He added that "the-Amiri Eng eternally full support for Mahmoud administered the Iraqi judiciary and its symbols".
According to the site, "Ameri Eng deplored by others against the judiciary, against Mahmood in particular, do not allow any interference in its independence."
For their part returned among activists, "Ameri and engineer support corrupt and commend his Administration failed to most Iraqi Government files, forgetting that the Iraqi judiciary failed due to mismanagement of his laudable."
Activists demanded Ameri and not to cover up the losers, and not waste their efforts in military fronts to sit with the corrupt, and support them, noting that "the dismissal of the public demand is important for the laudable repositioning the Iraqi judiciary",
Sheikh Abdul Mahdi karbalai, a representative of the Supreme religious authority, called during Friday prayers (14 August 2015) to reform the judiciary because it is an important pillar in the completion of the reform packages, stressing that there can be real reform without.
Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, invited in (14 August 2015), the judiciary to carry out a series of "radical action" to confirm the prestige of the judiciary and its independence, adding that broad reforms advocated by requiring just destroy and firm.