Tariff law requires a bold decision

3/9/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate
criticized the academic economic decision of the government to the customs tariff, saying: in the night decided to impose tariffs In overnight eliminates the resolution, reflecting the lack of readiness of the decision and undergoing social and political times at other times of the compressor and the economic and most importantly. He attributed the academic from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya d. Muzaffar Hosseini reason for this imbalance to it since it was the liberation of Iraq trade under the CPA about it decisions (38) for the year 2003 and it's (54) for the year 2003, the government stopped fulfillment taxes and fees on foreign trade was suspended labor law customs tariff number (77) for the year 1955, as amended.

He added: thus becoming the customs authorities charge 5 percent of the value of imported goods tax for the reconstruction of Iraq with the existence of exemptions and wide, and increased it complicated after the enactment in 2011, but the government found itself unable to implement this law, despite pledges made ​​by, and there are reasons economic, social, administrative and other political obstacle to the implementation and it seems to have made ​​it impossible to be able to this government or any other government, followed by the application of this law.

He said: multiple views between supporters and opponents of the law of customs tariff Some say that the Iraqi economy is not likely more problems It will Ihlbha this law, then rising prices and declining business activity the biggest burden will fall on consumers and most of the poor, and the other says that this law will open new doors for corruption and the corrupt, while others believe that Iraq does not need additional sources of revenue if improved oil revenues, and some states about the lack of the readiness of customs administrations and border crossings, and sees others that the implementation of the law or postponed can achieve political gains or used as a bargaining Political determine how or electoral propaganda, and which increases the landscape complex that non-implementation of this law, according to timings contained therein without taking radical measures to postponement or cancellation or amendment the law is a violation of constitutionally Hosseini stressed by saying we seem to always finish in front of a unique case of an Iraqi lead the state's case to a dead end. He asked d. Muzaffar: saying why the government always choose the difficult solutions that stand helpless in front of the impossibility of implementation is not looking for easy solutions executable in practice?

He pointed out that international experiences, and the experiences of international organizations and many academic studies that were based on empirical evidence, come to the best tariff They that are in acceptable limits and be differences between the upper limits of the tariff and limits of a few minimum, and proposed academic be the goal of tariff minimum by the economic situation of the country's requirements if be to increase public revenue or to protect domestic products or to facilitate the flow of foreign trade or other targets.

He concluded Dr. . Muzaffar to say: the easiest solution may be the unification of tariff fixed rate, and it was possible that under the new law is determined by the tariff by 10 percent, for example, and this makes the collection of tariffs simpler procedures and reduces the chances of fraud and smuggling, counterfeiting and other methods that may be practiced by some merchants to maximize their profits in light of weakness or lack of government oversight and ultimately the consumer is who bears the burden.