Abadi orders re-smuggled money

It ordered the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi to form a higher committee competent to recover funds stolen and smuggled in inside and outside Iraq, stressing the need to prosecute those involved stealing money and submit to eliminate characters. The government said the morning newspaper in its edition on Wednesday, and followed up / scales News / "The Council of Ministers form a government committee to follow up on the country and the recovery of money stolen and smuggled out of Iraq, and working to detect smuggling operations involved." She said "billions of dollars that have been smuggled out of the country, enough to remove Iraq from the financial hardship experienced by, resulting from the lack of revenue due to lower selling global oil prices, and its impact on economic and monetary reality." She explained that "the government has taken a series of measures recently in order to reduce corruption and money smuggling, the steps that comes as part of the reforms package and activate the role of the regulatory institutions and the disclosure of spoilers and activating the role of the Anti-Corruption Council, which was formed recently under the chairmanship of Abadi and in cooperation with the judiciary." .anthy 29 / d 25