Legal expert: judicial applicable laws do not respond to reform

He stressed the legal expert Tareq Harb, the House of Representatives should be given priority and precedence of legislation and judicial laws, in order to complete the judicial reform. The war, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of "The visit of the leaders of the popular crowd yesterday, the Supreme Judicial Council and the statement of the prime minister before that, a day, including that contained confirm the independence of the judiciary third as an authority in the state and the independence of judges as individuals and support for the judiciary and its symbols and non-interference in its affairs, had to Parliament to expedite the judicial laws legislation into law the Public Prosecution and the law of judicial oversight and the law of judicial administration and the law of the Judicial Council and all judicial laws, these projects sent by the Supreme Judicial Council before a period of quite a few of the legislation by Parliament. "
He added that "those laws took the competent authority prepared a judicial authority, after conferences, seminars, discussions and proposals of many conducted by the Supreme Judicial Council of the courts, judges, public prosecutors and assistants of judicial and all employees of the judiciary, starting from the youngest judicial presence of the Court of the single judge and the end of the courts of the presidencies of the provincial appeal and Federal Court of Cassation The Federal Supreme Court, judicial reform in order to be a full-year comprehensive ".
He added that "Because the judicial currently applicable laws become lag behind the current circumstances do not respond reformist campaign initiated by the Prime Minister, that supports the work of the judiciary is a legal entire work as opposed to the operation of any other government entity such as the ministries, provinces and districts because the law decides to judge his work and procedures and rulings and decisions so The severe and urgent need for legislation and judicial laws, not just only the law of the Federal Court, as is happening in Parliament some time ago and so far an invitation to head the Parliament to grant judicial legislation of laws precedence and priority over other laws currently in the parliament. "
He said the war "is bound to note recently that the judiciary is separated in a feud between two parties and govern for the benefit of one party and be the losing party to call the owner of a certain position of the judge and the court, it shows clearly death sentences issued by the judiciary, particularly in terrorism cases and cases of killings and cases of kidnapping where enemy unknown to the judge and the Court shall be established. "
The reference called last Friday, the government and parliament and the judiciary to achieve reforms to make decisions "bold and convincing" to the Iraqi people the details.
The representative of reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, that "officials should seek hard and sincerity to achieve citizen Try and news earlier promises not find them on the ground what Levy solving problems suffered by long, but found that I want them just to calm emotions and relieve pain suffering a temporary basis and must be responsible in this time works differently from what went on and earn the confidence of citizens in the reforms that they are serious and sincere in their intentions with the people. "
The head of the federal judiciary Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, announced in 13 of last August, sending projects of the Federal High Court Act and the Supreme Judicial and law regulating judges Affairs and members of the Public Prosecution and the Law on Public Prosecution and the law of judicial supervision and the law of the General Directorate of the Judiciary Council, to its legislation in accordance with the constitutional contexts . According to a statement of the judiciary.
It is said that the Supreme Judicial Council unanimously rejected at an extraordinary session held on 17 of August, to discuss the development of the judicial process President of the Council Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud request transmits it to retire because "the public interest and justice at this stage require to stay in his duties as President of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Supreme Federal Court." .hsp Council resolution.
With renewed supreme religious authority and demonstrators their demands for reform Alqdhae.anthy