Financial: Maliki and Allawi iraqiyah in their care of infallible! 9/2

Mp from the Kurdish Alliance, Masood Hyder, Wednesday, the Cabinet and the House of representatives under the reform decisions to reduce salaries, while the President had not signed the dismissal of three deputies.
Haider said he is a member of the Finance Committee: "the Cabinet decision is applied last to reduce the salaries of the three presidencies and by 50% and Ministers and deputies 45% since August.
He added, "is canceling its Vice-Presidents constitutional views are different according to the Iraqi Constitution to the Vice-Presidents must submit their resignations to the President to be voted in Parliament", adding "it is not the prerogative of the Prime Minister to override the Constitution." Haider stressed, "the Deputy President of the Republic remaining in Office until now has not submitted a request for their resignations to the President of the Iraqi Parliament. He noted that "what applies to deputies and Ministers is applied to the Presidency". For his part, said the Kurdistan Alliance capable said: "every Iraqi administrator must apply the reform decisions", stating "the Iraqi Parliament has been making adjustments to salaries and in the Cabinet."
And he said, "we are surprised because he was actually the President of the Republic and his deputies and staff did not apply the reform decisions. Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, on 9 August, which abolished the posts of Vice-Presidents of the Republic and the Prime Minister, in a series of reforms announced by the Government following protests in the country over the past few days to protest the corruption and lack of public services. n%3Dview%26id%3D7357