National Alliance confirms the existence of an external project to empty Iraq of his youth

02/09/2015 14:25 GMT

Follow-up - and babysit - the National Alliance MP Ali gesture Morshedi, Wednesday, stressed that more young immigrants from Iraq to abroad illegally are from the southern provinces and the provinces of the Middle Euphrates, pointing to the existence of an external project aimed at emptying Iraq of youth.

Morshedi said that "many reasons behind the migration of young Iraqis abroad, including the deterioration of services and unemployment and the large number of graduates is not set," noting that "more immigrants are from the provinces of the Middle Euphrates and the south."

He added that "the migration of young people are often voluntary and not coercive because of the stability of the security situation in these provinces," noting that "the presence of foreign agendas working on emptying Iraq of young people."