Deputy calls for withdrawal of diplomatic passports of officials implicated in corruption
02/09/2015 13:14

Called for parliamentary services Committee trehan withdrew diplomatic passports of officials involved in financial corruption and promptly arrest and seizure of their property.

Massoudi said that "the Committee will submit a request to the House of representatives to quickly bring those responsible before the people, as well as speed up booking and retrieve their property to people."

And Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi earlier, the integrity Commission lifted the names of defendants in cases involving theft of public money and property of the State and the people to prevent them from travelling and bring them to justice.

He noted that "the Iraqi Street in continuous eruption, because of the lack of credibility of government accountability."

And specialized court investigating claims of integrity in Baghdad earlier, 66 open right of high-ranking officials in the State.

rcookie: and then there's the dreaded cancel and rebooking fees for those Club Med trips!!!