Abdul-Mahdi: What Every month progress made in Iraq's oil sector raises questions of the world

Baghdad scales News - Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Wednesday, that the checks every month of progress in the oil sector said raises questions of the world, which stands bewildered in the interpretation of how to achieve this progress amid all these administrative obstacles, social and security situation.

Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement received / scales News / copy of "newspaper" Allmond "published an article in Paris 08/26/2015 by expert Jean-Michel Pisa Jean Michel Bezat about the evolution of the oil markets, reviewing various things, Ozicel writer" How long can Saudi Arabia support price war? They need dollars / barrel 105 to meet its budget requirements .. The Kingdom of Wahhabism do not achieve that now, as she is forced to face a deficit of $ 150 billion in 2015, ie 20% of the gross national product, according to the IMF report. "The writer continues his analysis, saying "Iraq maintains the implementation of ambitious plans to raise its production levels, and will be in the coming years to increase production shareholder president" P .. "Iraq back strongly," in the words of the writer."

"I have already, what each month progress made in the oil sector raises questions of the world, which stands bewildered in the interpretation of how to achieve this progress amid all these administrative and social obstacles and security situation .. and how he was able to raise production and exports to these high rates.'s Exports August lasted for a month the third in a row to cross the barrier of 3 million barrels / day from all the southern ports .. not to mention 225 000 b / d of crude oil daily average was handed over to the Ministry of Electricity in the same month, or Kurdistan figures that that was added, it would mean that Iraq's exports have risen by about million barrels / day, compared to August "2014.

And he finished by saying that "the outside world sees these developments and see it as a great achievement, either in Iraq, things are different, not so clear, and whether whether prices are high or low, but is certain is that oil resources, when used in a way that uses the cramped and impoverished, they contribute Petrhl State, and the decline of agriculture and industry and services, and the collapse of Al-Ahli and the private sector. Oil does not move a thing of the output from the lower factors .. It is extracted from underground by less than 1.8% of the country's workforce, and goes through the pipes and vessels to the overseas market, subversive in the way of land, farms, roads and airspace priorities and souls, a deadly motives and opportunities to work hard beneficial, to get back to us in the form of financial resources from above, is distributed to millions of employees and retirees in salaries and wages, and imports and policies that support the expenses of operating and consumer, and some investment projects that real feasibility did not show so far. oil resources when used Kraa easy money and come to the state, and when you spend, as during the past decades spent on wars and imports and luxury projects or failed or corrupt, the negative effects will be greater than its positive effects in disrupting the process of development and progress in the country."

He noted that "the people will not feel the achievements of the oil is not reflected upon as services and labor real, serious and concrete reforms .. This will not happen that did not move the whole production factors, and launched millions of initiatives and activities, the full terms and accessories and its results, which showed the procedures and policies of the state, during the long decades the past, it's not only failed to achieve, but it's a real barrier and based mainly in the way of its launch ".anthy 29 / d 25