Demonstrating against Mahmood and forget "the king of corruption" Rahim Alaگala

02/09/2015 15:35

No one displays of protesters this time even one documented case against the (corruption) Medhat al-Mahmoud ..

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Take writer Saadoun Tarish Hamrani in a letter received by the "Obelisk" in the form of an article, that the exit of women and children (specifically) in a demonstration drop Medhat al-Mahmoud back for political reasons, or sectarian purely, nothing to do with integrity and corruption, beans, Valmtzaheron who they raised various banners, slogans and did not raise the (document) one condemns conviction of Mahmood compelling, and no one displays of protesters this time even one documented case against the (corruption) Medhat al-Mahmoud ..

The author said: Graduated noisy demonstrations, and launches chants resonant, and flying logos (national) high, demanding the head of Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, Sometimes accusing him of corruption, and sometimes accuses of employment, and the dependence of this political official, or for that .. despite the fact that the position of the man above all government and political positions and locations in Iraq.

He added: I am confident that the head of al-Mahmoud is not required by national and Iraqis Almktwoon brunt of corruption, nor advocated by the families of the martyrs who were executed by Saddam, or who massacred knives sectarian Daash, but advocated by those who have a personal account, or political, or sectarian with him, and with those who stand with him in National trench. Had the group are looking for corrupt judges rightly, Gendi (king) of corruption in Iraq, and I mean the judge Rahim Alaگala, this man deserves punishment twice, once because a corrupt judge, and again because it is entrusted to the Anti-Corruption Commission, was corruption is worse than the corruption of Saleh al-Mutlaq, Ayham al-Samarrai and, and other corrupt!

He continued: Perhaps the greatest misfortune lies in women and children out a demonstration (morning) on ​​Monday last, waving banners calling for the fall of Medhat al-Mahmoud .. How they knew children to drop Medhat al-Mahmoud, then Do you think that these children actually know (business) Medhat al-Mahmoud, and they know also (his job) in the judiciary, in the time it does not know the half of the employees to let us know Esquire Medhat al-Mahmoud career title correctly and completely.

It is argued that the Baathists are involved, or stand behind (some) - and I repeat Bed- and not all the participants in this event, considering that Saddam's execution may have been at the time of the presidency of Mahmoud Iraqi judiciary, and that the death sentence for Saddam has been blessing, and authentication Mahmoud himself, so Today Baathists try to exploit this opportunity (historical) to avenge the man, not to mention that many of the families of the killers terrorist criminals of those sentenced to death are involved in these events as they contemplate the fall of al-Mahmoud, and all the judicial structure of the pillars in Iraq, deeds, and perhaps to fall Mahmood, along with the judiciary, and fall downfall provisions for their children criminals ..

In addition, the Alaگala fugitive from justice, after the Central Criminal Court issued against him in accordance with the provisions of five in accordance with Article 331 of the Penal Code offenses related to corruption !!

Integrity Commission has confirmed that these provisions have gained the right to become final "criminal" Fugitive Rahim, who lives in Erbil !!

Where these verdicts showed the feet of the criminal fugitive Rahim Alaگala to go beyond the powers granted to him in his capacity as head of a regulatory body operating within the provisions of the laws and framing the work of its officials.

The decision shows the first sentence and the judge Baqhobth imprisonment for a term of one year his feet to save many Alakhbarat reporting cases of corruption purports providers investigated, without being authorized by Order No. 55 of 2004 (repealed), which was the authority is working according to it.

The decision of the second judgment issued by the Central Criminal Court on the text of the imprisonment of the convicted for a period of one year crime-law assigned to the implementation of arrest warrants and investigate the violation of the law.

He was convicted in the third term of imprisonment of one year for the crime of dispatch of ten employees to England to learn the English language, unlike the powers.

And proved to the court during the course of the investigation and trial of the convicted feet on the use of the protection of witnesses, one building buildings Integrity Commission as a position for the imprisonment of the accused.

The court found that the evidence in the fourth case sufficient for his conviction in accordance with Article 331 penalties Vgmt in absentia simple imprisonment for a term of one year.

In the fifth the referee's decision in absentia the right of the convicted Court found that the evidence available to it sufficient for his conviction and that of his feet on the violation of the duties of public office by appointing him people on the owners of the integrity and placement in other government departments and give them wide powers and positions of administrative task, despite the pre-knowledge of being with precedents in terrorism cases and thefts) !!.

Note that there are 18 cases of corruption in other Alaگala did not file a criminal looking after ..

The question is: Why do not you pretend patriots against this corrupt judge who betrayed department profession, and Khan's home, Khan honor responsibility .. Vitalpon item either by bringing Erbil to obtain a just punishment, and performs judgment, and what awaits him from the rule in other corruption cases .. I think that this is not fairer: For how demanding the criminalization of a judge rule on his hands the criminal Saddam to death, while overlook true wanted criminal justice, residing in the city, not far from Baghdad more than two hours in the car, and ten minutes in the volatile, and do not require more than (گas Mastao) drink to latch in the land of howler airport !!