Parliament Kurdistan confirms its intention to end the "conflict" internal political

Alsumaria News / Erbil - The president of the regional parliament of Kurdistan Yusuf Mohamed, Wednesday, that the Parliament is "the only place" to resolve the presidency of the region, as he emphasized the determination of Parliament to exert all efforts to end the "conflict" internal political peacefully.

Said Mohammed in a speech on the occasion of the opening of the autumn session of Parliament, and followed up by Alsumaria News, "The Parliament is the main foundation of legislation and supervision, and the reference in the resolution of crucial issues", stressing that it "will maintain its role in this field in a spirit of national and according to the law."

He said Mohammed, that "the Kurdistan Regional Parliament is the only place to resolve the issue of the presidency of the region," stressing that "Parliament will make all efforts to resolve the internal political conflicts, democratic and peaceful manner and not to make way for the political impact of conflicts on the morale of the Peshmerga."

The Movement for Change and the National Union of Kurdistan and the Islamic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Islamic Group held on Wednesday, meeting in Sulaimaniya to discuss the issue of the presidency of the Kurdistan region, in the absence of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by regional president Massoud Barzani.

It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan region is witnessing heated debate on the issue of the presidency of the Kurdistan region, especially after the mandate of Massoud Barzani, on Thursday (Aug. 20), with the main Kurdish parties continue to meet to reach a compromise on the issue of presidency of the region.