Commerce announces the sale of private saloon cars and taxi installments ..

Baghdad scales News - General Company for Trade cars and machinery, announced in the Ministry of Commerce, on Wednesday, on its sale of taxis Salon and tutoring, both "good" and "ur Levan" in installments through the Rafidain Bank two branches caliphs object in the Adhamiya and the seven palaces in the Karrada district.

Said assistant general manager of the company for technical affairs Ahmed Yassin, in a statement, "it was the direct sale of cars good type the amount of 140 car and ur Levan amount of 714 dispersed a car on the bank equally sub and so in installments according to the guidelines dealing prepared in accordance with the information stated in the purchase order form."

"The preparation of these cars is the first meal and inflict other meals will be made and received from the Alexandria area and sold to citizens after the completion of processing procedures" .anthy 29 / d 25