Beirut hosts the Iraqi banking forum 9/2
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Thread: Beirut hosts the Iraqi banking forum 9/2

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    Beirut hosts the Iraqi banking forum 9/2

    Beirut hosts the Iraqi banking forum
    By: wab1
    Date: Wednesday, 02-09-15 10:33 am

    Baghdad: Baghdad news
    An informed source in the Iraqi Central Bank, the Lebanese capital

    Beirut will host this month's Iraqi banking forum which will be attended by selected banks and Arabic and foreign countries ".
    The source said "tomorrow", "on 15 and 16 September, the current date will be hosting the Lebanese capital Beirut for Iraq Beirut banking Forum held in Venice hotel in Beirut with the participation of Iraqi and Lebanese wide banking, in addition to the Monetary Authority's participation in the countries represented by the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Ismail Al-allaq, Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh and participation of SAIs and relevant officials of both the Central Bank and the Bank of Lebanon".
    The source said on condition of anonymity that "it is hoped that this forum organized by the Central Bank of Iraq and the economy and business group in cooperation with the Bank of Lebanon, particularly important for the Lebanese side both in the banking sector, especially banks operating in Iraq, businessmen and investors who deal frequently with the Iraqi market and various sectors.
    "The importance of the forum for the Iraqi side protrude through the axes to be discussed by the sessions, which will provide an overview of the latest developments in the Iraqi economy, as well as banking developments and the CBI plans to promote financial realities."
    The source said "as for the Lebanese side underlined the importance of the Forum towards things which are first going to focus through meetings on Lebanese banks operating in Iraq, and views of these banks and the challenges faced, along with opportunities in light of the directions of the Government of Iraq through the banking system."
    "As for the second command is closed bilateral meetings between the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the Executive Heads of Lebanese banks operating in Iraq who can bypass that leads lhadl the various problems they face in Iraq."
    The source noted that the Forum would also discuss during different sessions for participants, online banking and mobile payments, especially after the approval of the Iraqi Government and banking system e-signature law.
    The source stressed that "these meetings can provide ample opportunities for Iraqi-Lebanese cooperation in e-banking from the willingness of banks to enter this field, and of the experience acquired by banks over the past years, furthermore the opportunities Informatics companies active in the field of different software solutions, particularly the role of technology companies and mobile services in the provision of innovative services, in addition to enhancing the capabilities and digital security sources".

    rcookie: the biggest problems the Lenanese banks are facing is what they are going to do once they put their biggest depositor (Maliki) in prison!!
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