Expert warns of the development of ports and airports in Iraq blacklist

Baghdad scales News - He warned the head of the Iraqi Advisory Office Amer Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, Wednesday, that Iraq's ports and airports threatened Bhmolha blacklisted by the competent international organizations.

Ismail said in a statement received / scales News / copy of which was that "the Ministry of Transport has prepared a Maritime Authority Act and the Aviation Authority since 2010 and was sent to the House of Representatives has not voted on by the House of Representatives so far."

He noted that "the International Maritime Organization (IMO) recorded several observations negatively on the administrative system security Maritime Authority is currently based ports company and the shipping company to exercise the functions of a dispute with the regulations of the International Maritime Organization, as well as the presence of numerous irregularities in the ships and port facilities security system (ISPS) nor especially that the promulgation of this legislation and improve the efficiency of performance in marine power management and the Civil Aviation Authority also contributes to the reduction of wage insurance spirits, ships, aircraft, naval and air port facilities."

Ismail and suggested "a resolution of the Council of Ministers to form the Naval Postgraduate Committee, headed by the Minister of Transport and the Maritime Authority functions to address international maritime organizations and to address violations as well as the preparation of structural Maritime Authority pending the enactment of the law."

He said there "behind the purpose of issuing the Cabinet's decision to form the Committee's first being given wider to international organizations and administrative power and the second to the need for the presence of members of the Committee from outside the Department of Transportation two reasons the Commission constitute headed by Minister of Transport and membership of the technical agent of the Ministry and Director General of Ports Company and general manager of the shipping company The Director General of the Iraqi Oil Tanker Company and head of the Gulf Arab Academy for Maritime Studies. "

He added as well. "Case of the aviation authority is formed Civil Aviation Commission Supreme chaired by the Minister of Transport and membership of the technical agent of the Ministry, and the Director General of Civil Aviation, and the director general of Iraqi Airways, and the Director General of the Meteorological, and a representative of the Air Force rank of director general."

It was suggested that Ismail "also that the Ministry of Transport is working on the rehabilitation of the leaders of the maritime and civil aviation sectors to manage the branches above qualifications efficient, especially command of the English language and interest in all official correspondence with international organizations and not to delay the answer as well as the application of international safe management system and applied it in all international sea and air port facilities ".anthy 29 / d 25