$312 billion out of Iraq through Central: I went to money laundering

Special scales News - It revealed the decision of the parliamentary finance committee meat Rashid Ahmed, on Wednesday, that approximately about $ 312 billion out of Iraq by the central bank's daily auction for the sale of hard currency, noting that there are suspicions that mostly went for "money laundering".

Rashid said L / scales News / that "approximately about $ 312 billion out of Iraq by the Central Bank of the daily auction in recent months, including the public sector and another section of the private sector", revealed the existence of suspicions that most of the money went to projects "illegal" and "whitening of money."

He said the parliamentary Finance Committee decision that "there is a huge waste of public money Tam and the absence of financial control over some government institutions, especially the Central Bank", noting that "90% of dollar sales by the Central Bank of Iraq is of remittances and only 10% cash sales."

This "recorded the Iraqi Central Bank sales, on Thursday, at the end of the weekly auction for the sale of foreign currencies declined to sell $ 265 million."

According to a statement of the bank received / scales News /, a copy of the "size of the amount sold today by the bank at the auction of the dollar stood at 265 million and 667 thousand dollars at 1166 dinars exchange rate to the dollar, and with the participation of 24 banks and three companies for the fiscal conversion."

"The amount of remittances and credits amounted to 217 million and 867 thousand and $ 238, while the quantity sold was 47 million in cash and 800 thousand dollars" .anthy 29 / d 25